About us

About us


Our mission is to connect travelers with a halal lifestyle around the world.

We offer our community members the opportunity to stay amongst locals and enjoy culture and local cuisine. Halal Home Exchange is a convenient way of travelling, in which travellers exchange homes for a predetermined period of time. This saves a significant amount of accommodation costs because you’re staying for FREE! Our goal is to establish a network of people who love to travel and are willing to open their homes to others who share that same passion for discovering the world. On top of that we want to make it possible for these people to enjoy their holiday with a peace of mind, knowing that the family that are staying in their homes know, respect and live up to their own Halal standards of life.


The core values ​​of HalalHomeExchange.com are having a Halal Lifestyle, respecting each other and each other's properties.

A Halal Lifestyle refers to our daily way of life. Halal means "permissible / lawful," but at the same time implies that whatever we do or eat has to be pure, hygienically clean, healthy, and morally-correct.