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Why HalalHomeExchange?

HalalHomeExchange.com is the first Home Exchange community that focuses on travellers with a halal lifestyle. It’s a convenient way of travelling, in which travellers exchange homes for a predetermined period of time. This saves you a significant amount of accommodation costs because you’re staying for FREE!


With HalalHomeExchange we aim for a global community that’s intendent for travellers with halal values. Our motivation to create this community is that we missed the shared halal values during our own previous home exchanges. We want the knowledge that our Home Exchange partners, understand, accept and live up to our halal values. With this community we want to make it possible for people to exchange homes during their travels and yet have the feeling that they are staying at a friend’s or relative’s home in another city or country.


Why should I exchange my home?


You will save a lot of money on your holiday budget, because you don’t have to stay in hotels or rental apartments. Especially if you have children you can save a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for a family room or rent an apartment or house. You can also exchange cars so you can save even more.



Share as much as you can, like: kitchenware, children’s toys, bicycles etc. This is fun and you’re able to travel light.


Stay as a local not as a tourist

You’re staying in a house or apartment among the locals. This is a special experience. You can create new friendships with your home exchange partners or maybe with the neighbours.



You have a fully furnished home at your disposal, so you can enjoy all of the daily life comforts as if you are in your own home. Comforts such as washing, drying and fixing your children something to eat would not be possible in hotels or most rental apartments.


Costs and payment

What does a membership cost?

The annual membership fee is based on a fixed amount of €99,- Euro a year (about $ 105,65 USD). There are no other costs. After one year, your membership expires and you can extend the membership fee if desired.


What payment options are being offered to pay my membership?

We support practically all payment options. Payment by Visa, MasterCard, IDEAL and PayPal are possible.


The basics


An important condition for a successful HalalHomeExchange is respect for each other, for the home and each other’s belongings. We ask all members to have this as a principle that we must hold dear.

Our members will register from all parts of the world. Keep in mind that we are all global citizens with different cultures, languages etc.



Everybody wants to enter a clean and tidy home. Make sure that you leave a clean and tidy home for your visitors. This contributes to a pleasant stay and a good start of your holiday. During your stay you respect each other’s belongings and keep to your agreements that you have made with each other. When your Home Exchange comes to an end, make sure that you leave the home clean and tidy. Halal food and drinks. This means that consumption of alcohol and eating non halal food in the exchange house is not allowed.


What do I have to do, for a successful HalalHomeExchange?

Take a moment to describe your home, the surroundings and your family composition. Add pictures. Let the members of our community see what you have to offer. Each home and town has its charms. Do you live near the city centre, the coast, or in a quiet village? Describe clearly the beauty of it and show off with some pictures.


Reach out to members of HalalHomeExchange community. Check for available places. Decide where you want to go. Start to send requests to other HalalHomeExchange members, through our internal mail system. Email as many members as possible. Describe clearly in your emails in which period you would like to do a Home Exchange. If possible, be flexible with dates, so you get more chances to do a Home Exchange. Through our internal mail system, it is only possible to exchange e-mails from the website with our community members. This ensures your privacy. A copy of this email will be sent to your personal email address.


Plan your Home Exchange with your Exchange family. Get to know each other and set a travel date. It’s important to get to know each other. We recommend to exchange Skype- and Facebook accounts. This is a good and effective way to communicate, so you get to know each other better, and you can do a Home Exchange with confidence.


Have you made clear agreements and did you agree on other details, like house rules, care of plants, pets etc. Now you can make the final preparations for the Home Exchange. If necessary, you can book your travel tickets and make preparations to leave a comfortable home for your Home Exchange family. So that both parties can enjoy a beautiful and successful Halal Home Exchange!


Do I have to upload pictures of my home?

Homes with a good visual presentation have a higher chance to be selected for an exchange. For this reason we recommend that you upload pictures of your whole house. For example pictures of your living room, bedrooms, bathroom(s), the balcony, garden/ terrace. Don’t forget to take pictures of the outside of your home and the neighbourhood. And it would be nice if you also take pictures of famous sights of your hometown.


Can we exchange cars?

Cars can be included in the home exchange. This saves more costs on you budget. Pay attention: car exchange is not mandatory. Ensure a fair balance; exchanging cars is your own responsibility. If you do the car exchange make sure that you are properly insured.



Let us help! If you have any questions, feel free to email us. We guarantee a quick answer, within 24 hours. Our HalalHomeExchange team is ready to help our members and future members.