The World’s First Muslim Home Exchange –


The World’s First Muslim Home Exchange –

How would you like to live like a local on your next vacation and stay in a Muslim-friendly home for a fraction of the cost? offers just that. It is the world’s first Muslim home exchange, in which travelers swap homes with fellow Muslim families and enjoy the peace of mind that their accommodations will be Muslim-friendly.

What is a Home Exchange?

For many travelers, a home exchange – also known as a house swap – is an economical, comfortable and fascinating way to vacation far from home. You arrange to occupy someone’s home at your destination while he or she occupies yours. The possibilities for home exchanges are just about endless. allows for Muslim travelers to list their homes and contact one another through a messaging system to arrange to stay wherever they are going in the world, allowing them to experience life like a local.

A home exchange not only provides costs savings, but it also gives you the freedom and convenience that you enjoy in your own home; in other words, a home-away-from-home experience. If you have kids, they can have their own rooms, and you’ll get access to all the amenities you would have in your own home. You’ll have the chance to experience life in a foreign country as a local instead of a tourist. You’ll make life long friends along the way. And on top of all that, you can stay for as long as you like, per your arrangements with the host.


Muslim travelers, Zain and Huda, an American couple have written an amazing article about
Their goal is to shatter stereotypes about Muslims, build bridges of understanding, and create more empathy in the world through what they love most – travel!
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